8 Jun 2011

Mixed results in Solomons MDG drive

5:32 pm on 8 June 2011

A report measuring Solomon Islands progress on achieving its millennium development goals gives the country a mixed report card.

The report was launched earlier this week by the Prime Minister Danny Philip and the United Nations Development programme.

Jo O'Brien has more

"The report finds there's a high probability Solomon Islands will achieve its goals on universal primary education and reducing child mortality by the target date of 2015. But it says there's a low probability it will meet goals on gender equality, with an absence of female politicians. The country's also unlikely to succeed in ensuring environmental sustainability, with a need to address logging and deforestation issues, and risks from rising sea levels and climate change. There's mixed progress on the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger - with a high number of vulnerable people remaining just above the poverty line. There's also mixed results on health goals, with progress made on malaria, TB and measles, but HIV and AIDS levels likely to be 10 times greater than those officially represented."