30 Jun 2011

New Vanuatu government re-evaluates Abkhazia ties

12:40 pm on 30 June 2011

Vanuatu's Foreign Minister denies that his government signed an agreement acknowledging the sovereignty of Abkhazia.

Alfred Carlot resumed his position as Minister this week following a ten-day period during which the Kilman administration was ousted after the Supreme Court ruled its previous tenure unconstitutional.

In the interim, the caretaker government annulled the decision to recognise the independence of the Russian-backed breakaway region of Georgia.

Earlier this month, Mr Carlot declared that his government had signed an agreement recognising Abkhazia.

He now denies this.

"There's an agreement between Akhazia and Vanuatu but not in terms of diplomatic relations as yet. It's just probably a process leading to that purpose. The process of working towards diplomatic relations, we're still looking at it at the official level, and in the coming weeks we will proably have our position very clear."

Alfred Carlot