18 Jul 2011

NZ trade unions considering all options to support Fiji counterparts

7:11 pm on 18 July 2011

The Secretary of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions Peter Conway says unions aren't ruling out bans or boycotts on services affecting Fiji.

This comes after representatives from a wide range of unions met a Fiji union official, Felix Anthony, in Wellington.

Sally Round reports.

"The National Secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress has been talking to his counterparts in New Zealand and Australia about increasing curbs on union activity in Fiji. The Australian Transport Workers Union has already imposed a ban on servicing flights to Fiji. Mr Conway says New Zealand unions representing those who work on wharves and in airline services are considering all options open to them. He says unions will first embark on a campaign to make New Zealanders aware of the worsening situation in Fiji. But Mr Conway says any action may be brought forward if Mr Anthony is victimised in any way on his return home later this week."