21 Jul 2011

Call for Samoa government to make issue of student violence

2:05 pm on 21 July 2011

A high school in Samoa's capital, Apia, says the government needs to make more of an issue of student violence to prevent it escalating.

One of a number of recent street fights led to four teenagers being charged with disturbing the peace.

Last year two students were jailed after their use of a molotov cocktail during a brawl resulted in another student receiving life-threatening burns.

Junior Kamu, who teaches history at Faleata College, says the trouble seems to be rooted in a clash between Western and Samoan cultures.

"The culture's still there but they seem to be assimiliating the Western culture on the other side, the bad aspects, you know. You can tell by the styles, you know, the haircuts, the clothes, the language and we should be concerned about that because it's going to be a clash of cultures."

Junior Kamu says parents need to know and counsel their children well and the churches need to do more to support students.