9 Aug 2011

Solomons' government adamant it won't meet with Fiji Colonel Mara

1:55 pm on 9 August 2011

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister says allowing Fiji's Colonel Mara to meet with local groups is a compromise.

On a recent visit to New Zealand, Colonel Mara, who fled Fiji while facing sedition charges, said he would be lobbying Pacific Islands Forum countries about the need for further intervention in Fiji.

The Solomons Prime Minister, Danny Philip says he won't prevent Colonel Mara from visiting Solomon Islands but that there'll be no government contact at any level.

His press secretary, David Tuanuku says Solomon Islands wants to keep dialogue with Fiji open.

"The position of the government has been to try to embrace Fiji. The Prime Minister is aware that there [is] conflict between Colonel Mara and the government of Fiji, particularly the Prime Minister. So he sort of made a compromise, by allowing him to come to Solomon Islands, but then not to have any official dialogue."

David Tuanuku says he can not comment on how the government would handle any extradition request from Fiji.