23 Aug 2011

Tonga's Public Service Association yet to be consulted on government reforms

2:34 pm on 23 August 2011

Tonga's Public Service Association says it's yet to be consulted over plans to streamline government ministries.

The government has announced it's going to bring in major structural reforms to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Cabinet's already looking at proposals which include cutting the number of ministries and reshuffling departments and the government's promised extensive consultation.

The PSA's General Secretary Mele Amanaki says she's only just heard of the plan but says there's only room for some merging of smaller ministries.

"Most of the ministries are short-staffed now. We do not support any cuts to the public service. We would recomment the current should go and think of strategies on how to collect revenue for Tonga. Those are the shortfalls. There are alot of policies that are not in line with economic development."

Mele Amanaki says she plans to contact the Public Service Commission about the plans.