25 Aug 2011

UN marks Bougainville Peace Accords with highland trek

9:06 am on 25 August 2011

A team of walkers from the United Nations is hoping to boost ecotourism in Bougainville this week by trekking through the island's mountainous central region.

From today, the team will walk for 60 kilometres along the historic Numa Numa trail to mark the tenth anniversary of the Bougainville Peace Accords.

Papua New Guinea's UN representative David McLachlan-Karr says young people from the civil war's so-called lost generation will act as guides and the team will overnight in villages to help the local economy.

"People who are looking for something different and to explore a territory that's coming out of a civil war and trying to get back on its feet will find it a really rewarding experience and also knowing that their visit is also supporting the reconstruction of Bougainville by injecting a lifeline into those communities."

David McLachlan-Karr says the trail's not only beautiful but historic as remnants still remain from its use as a supply line for troops during the Second World War.