27 Aug 2011

CNMI residents warned of a possible govt shutdown

9:39 am on 27 August 2011

Residents in the Northern Mariana Islands are being warned of a possible government shutdown that will lead to unemployment for more than a thousand workers.

The CNMI's Lieutenant Governor Eloy Inos says the Fitial administration is preparing for another partial shutdown as the House of Representatives has yet to pass a budget bill before the start of fiscal year 2012 on October the 1st.

An budget deadlock between the House and Senate last year resulted in a government shutdown last October.

According to the Saipan Tribune, Lieutenant Governor Inos says the Fitial administration sent its proposed fiscal year 2012 budget of 102 million US dollars to the Legislature four months ago but the House is yet to pass a budget bill.

He says if there is another shutdown, more government workers will be affected as the administration will impose a stricter policy in determining the critical government employee positions which will be exempted from the shutdown.