13 Sep 2011

Unicef aims to register births in Solomons

6:47 pm on 13 September 2011

The United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, is to launch a campaign which aims to register all births in Solomon Islands by 2015.

Presently less than one tenth of one percent of births are registered and the Pacific director of UNICEF, Isiye Ndombi, says the change would bring benefits for the child's welfare and help government in its planning.

He says while the current process depends on people getting the information on paper through to Honiara, the UNICEF system will make use of specially distributed mobile phones.

"There are only a few people in each community who are being given the mobiles phones to do this and there is a documentation that they'll be keeping at their level, so that they can counter check that information against what goes into the registry in Honiara."

The Pacific director of UNICEF, Isiye Ndombi.