14 Sep 2011

Fiji nurses union low on funds

6:00 pm on 14 September 2011

A union which represents Fiji's nurses says it's dipping into its emergency funds because new rules mean union subs aren't automatically deducted from public sector workers' paypackets.

The Fiji Nursing Association which represents 1,300 nurses in Fiji says it's now down nearly 27,000 US dollars since the interim government did away with the so-called check-off system more than a month ago.

The Association's General Secretary Kuini Latua says they've made a submission to the Ministry of Finance on the matter and hope it'll be resolved soon so they can continue representing nurses and providing them with welfare and training.

"At the moment we don't want to look at that. We're trying to make do with what we have and talk to the people we believe are relevant or are people that might be able to make a difference."

Kuini Latua says union subs go towards nurses' training, medical bills, four permanent staff at the union and special projects.