14 Sep 2011

Fiji court orders former minister Rigamoto to repay loan

7:03 pm on 14 September 2011

The Fiji Court of Appeal has upheld the decision of the Suva High Court in 2008 for a former government minister, Marieta Rigamoto, and her husband, Robert Rigamoto, to repay an 850,000 US dollar loan with interest.

The two were customers of the National Bank of Fiji Asset Management Bank.

Fijivillage reports that the Rigamotos obtained advances from the bank between 1991 and 1995 amounting to 220,000 US dollars and over the period of time, interest has built up.

As security for the loan they gave in 1991 among others a mortgage over their freehold land of over 64 acres.

A problem arose when the Rigamotos in June 1995 transferred their land title to a Ranjit Prasad and Rajesh Chand who worked for them.