16 Sep 2011

French Polynesia mayor convicted in 2002 corruption case

7:14 am on 16 September 2011

An appeal court in Paris has sentenced a French Polynesian mayor, Cyril Tetuanui, to a one-year suspended prison sentence.

Tetuanui has also been declared ineligible for public for a year after being found guilty of corruption in 2002.

Tahitipresse reports that his wife, who is a former government minister, Lana Tetuanui, has been given a six-month suspended prison sentence.

The two had used municipal employees to have work done on their private residence on the island of Raiatea.

They had succeeded in delaying the case by a year after the constitutional court had upheld challenge by the leader of Mrs Tetuanui's party, Gaston Flosse, who fought the possible loss of his assembly seat after being convicted in a corruption case.