16 Sep 2011

NZ human rights groups call for more transparency in aid programmes

4:11 am on 16 September 2011

Human rights advocates in New Zealand say more transparency in the country's foreign aid programmes is essential.

The comments by the NGO Human Rights in Education come in response to the independent think tank Maxim Institute's suggestion to the government that more detail is needed on the outcomes of the country's foreign aid programmes.

Its Director Ced Simpson says transparency is absolutely critical.

"If we're talking about New Zealand we're talking about tax payers dollars being used. Not as many tax paying dollars as some of us would like but nonetheless significant sums. And there's also the need to be transparent at the other end if you like, in countries that are developing. I mean local populations want to be assured that the resources are being put to good use."

Ced Simpson from the Human Rights in Education Trust.