10 Oct 2011

Call for Solomon Islands government to do more to stop abuse

8:14 pm on 10 October 2011

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women says the government needs to do more about an increasing rate of sexual abuse of young girls.

The vice president, Ella Kauhue, says a recent case of rape of an eight-year-old girl by her father is one of many such cases becoming more common as economic hardship worsens.

She says it's time the government lived up to its commitment under international conventions protecting women.

"A lot of young girls in a lot of families in a lot of communities throughout Solomon Islands are being sexually abused by their own fathers, by their uncles and by a close male relative. It's quite alarming and I think the National Council of Women will not be able to address this on its own."

Ella Kauhue says Solomon Islands needs stronger legislation to deal with the rise in sexual crimes against women and girls.