13 Oct 2011

Leaked oil not expected to wash ashore in Pago Pago harbour

11:33 am on 13 October 2011

A New Zealand flagged fishing boat has been detained following a large oil spill in an American Samoa harbor.

Nearly 2-thousand litres of diesel is believed to have spilled from the purse seiner Ocean Breeze inside Pago Pago Harbor.

Our Correspondent, Monica Miller says while taking on fuel, some was spilled into the ocean.

She says the spill was reported immediately.

"We do have a very a very good clean up company and they were immediately on the job. The do have sophisticated equipment. I'm told that a large quantity had been soaked up with the equipment. But they still were expecting some of it to wash to shore"

Monica Miller says during the investigation into the spill, deficiences in the boat were found and it has been detained and is still in port.