17 Oct 2011

RAMSI role chance to market women in policing says new Pacific co-ordinator

8:14 pm on 17 October 2011

The new female head of RAMSI's Pacific Islands police contingent says the position is a good opportunity to market women in policing.

Chief Inspector Pelenatita Fe'ao is the manager of finance, policy and planning for Tonga Police but expects to begin her 12-month deployment in Solomon Islands before the end of the year.

She says her job is to liaise with the mission's executive and it means a lot that she's the first woman in the job.

"From a woman's perspective and women in policing that is a very big deal. This is a very good opportunity to market women in policing, to tell the other women in the policing organisations in the Pacific that it is quite possible, if the will is there."

Chief Inspector Pelenatita Fe'ao says RAMSI may use her to devise strategies to encourage women in Solomon Islands police to take up more challenging roles.

RAMSI's 213-strong Participating Police Force includes a Pacific Islands contingent of forty-six.