27 Oct 2011

P and O Cruises plan to share growth in cruising industry with Pacific Island communities

4:24 pm on 27 October 2011

One of the largest cruise operators in the region says more Pacific Island communities will benefit from predicted strong growth in the industry.

Carnival Australia which operates P & O Cruises expects continued 20 percent growth annually with more than a quarter of a million travellers cruising the South Pacific on its liners in 2013.

The company's CEO Ann Sherry says local communities will not be left out.

"We're working very closely with communities to talk to them about what do they need, how can we work together, how do they see us rather than how do we see ourselves and what really are the benefits they're looking for for their communities."

Ann Sherry says P & O Cruises will continue to develop local tourism ventures and contribute to infrastructure and training of locals.