11 Nov 2011

Call in Solomon Islands for more opportunity for women to air ethnic stories

4:55 pm on 11 November 2011

A women's advocate in Solomon Islands says more opportunities are needed for women to share their experiences of the country's ethnic tension a decade ago.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has completed 11 hearings around the country investigating the causes of the civil unrest.

The Director of the women's NGO Vois Blong Mere Solomon Islands, Josephine Teakeni says although a booklet of womens' testimonies has been presented to the TRC, she believes many more deserve a voice.

"There are many stories that are unheard. And even if they are heard, what's going to be done about that? I think the stories that the women have come up with represented clearly what women had experienced generally. But there are individual stories that are unheard."

Josephine Teakeni says many women who lost loved ones or were sexually abused or displaced during the conflict are afraid to talk publicly about their experiences.