14 Nov 2011

Pacific youth work to highlight value of culture

9:44 am on 14 November 2011

A new report by New Zealand researchers is recommending that managers of young Pacific Island workers should recognise the importance of their cultural values.

The research carried out by New Zealand's Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs and commissioned by the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust, involved in-depth interviews with 20 young workers of Pacific heritage and six managers of Pacific staff.

The Ministry predicts that by 2026, Pacific people will make up 12 percent of the country's workforce aged under 40.

The Ministry's Chief Executive Dr Colin Tukuitonga says the study was aimed at better understanding the career aspirations of the young people and the challenges they face in achieving those.

"The key thing was the importance of values of Pacific values and the need for employers to have a better understanding of the values of young people, I mean obviously these are young people who are born in New Zealand but they're very heavily influenced by family and culture."

Dr Colin Tukuitonga says another recommendation was to involve family members in important decision making.