14 Nov 2011

UNICEF report emphasises threat of climate change to children

4:12 pm on 14 November 2011

UNICEF believes children in the Pacific will be the group most affected if climate change continues unabated.

The comment, from the chief of policy, advocacy, planning and evaluation with UNICEF Pacific, accompanies the launch of a report on children's vulnerabilities to climate change and disasters.

Samantha Cocco-Klein says warmer temperatures are increasing the incidence of dengue and malaria, diseases children are far more likely to contract.

She says unless mitigation is actively pursued, the outlook for children is poor.

"For rural children we're going to see it harder and harder for families to be able to do subsistence farming and fishing due to climate change and then also in urban areas we're going to see this increased disease burden, increased flooding as people move in out of rural areas and are living in squatter settlements that are very prone to flooding."

Samantha Cocco-Klein says climate change is also resulting in children being pulled out of school.