15 Nov 2011

Fiji taxi union calls on members to comply with new regulations

8:13 am on 15 November 2011

The general secretary of the Fiji Taxi Union is urging members to comply with new taxi regulations that came into force this month.

The changes include a fare increase, the use of meters, receipts and the displaying of driver identification.

But Rishi Ram, says the union is aware some taxi drivers are refusing to accept the new rules, which he says is disappointing.

He says drivers need to get their meters calibrated by an accredited company and then have it sealed by the Land Transport Authority, the LTA.

"Under this new agreement, it is compulsory for every taxi drivers to comply with it, and they must get their taxi meter calibrated and they must have that meter calibrated and sealed and then they can have the chance to operate. Now if taxis don't abide by this, it means they could lose their license, so it means one third have got their meter calibrated and sealed. So the LTA is now taking the hard steps now to ensure all taxis comply with it."

The general secretary of Fiji's Taxi Union, Rishi Ram.