15 Nov 2011

Pacific nations urge joint action at South Africa climate talks

2:15 pm on 15 November 2011

Pacific Island nations are among those which have banded together to push for action at the United Nations climate change conference in South Africa later this month.

19 countries seen as most likely to suffer from climate change have signed an agreement following a meeting of the Climate Vulnerable Forum in Bangladesh.

Beverley Tse reports.

"The Forum was founded two years ago before the United Nations Copenhagen Summit to advance action on the climate change issue. Kiribati, East Timor, Tuvalu and Vanuatu are among those which have signed an agreement known as the Dhaka Declaration. The declaration calls on those at the Durban meeting to ensure the Kyoto protocol continues into a second term and that a legally-binding agreement on greenhouse gas emissions cuts is achieved. The countries have also committed to low carbon development. They have also agreed to focus on adaptation in order to minimise the immediate danger of climate change and the transfer of technology from the international community."