15 Nov 2011

Transparency says Solomon Islands political system not serving the people well

4:10 pm on 15 November 2011

Transparency International in Solomon Islands says tomorrow's prime ministerial election is a reminder the country's political system is not serving the people well.

The former prime minister Danny Philip had been in power for just over 14 months and resigned ahead of a last week's no confidence vote.

Six candidates are in the running for the leadership and the Solomon Star reports disarray among opposition MPs ahead of the vote.

The watchdog's chairman Bob Pollard says police have been doing an excellent job to ensure the day passes generally peacefully but he says there are other concerns.

"This current process where we end up with intense periods of horse trading, it's clear that from the public's perspective, very little is to do with good government and policies."

Chairman of Transparency International in Solomon Islands Bob Pollard