21 Nov 2011

New hydro project in PNG's Hela area expected to create jobs

3:12 pm on 21 November 2011

A new hydro-electricity project in Papua New Guinea's Southern Highlands Province is expected to create more jobs for locals.

Papua New Guinea and Israel are set to sign a 142 million US dollar agreement next month to work together to develop the plant at Hewaii Falls in Hela region.

The spokesperson for the NGO, Hela Community Care, John Tamita, says people from all over the country can expect to benefit from the project through the creation of jobs and electricity supply to homes.

"Most likely that we are local Hela fellows looking forward to having power in their own houses now. And then it will even go beyond Hela's concern but it will cover all other provinces as well. It's a big waterfall."

John Tamita says the hydro plant is expected to take six years to build and have an infinite lifespan.