7 Dec 2011

CNMI senate looks at making schools notify parents of absentees

9:56 pm on 7 December 2011

The Northern Marianas senate is expected to pass a bill requiring schools to notify parents within two hours after a child is recorded absent.

The House of Representatives unanimously passed the Faloma and Maleina Parent Notification Act of 2011.

The legislation comes nearly 7 months since the disappearance of sisters Faloma and Maleina Luhk on May 25.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says it means parents or caregivers will be notified if children are 2 hours late to school.

"Anybody from the school's office can call the numbers listed by the parents and call them just to notify them. It's a way of trying to safeguard the kids, before, it took two or three days and the school doesn't do anything. What happened with the Luhk sisters, the school only found out the girls were missing a day after."

Mark Rabago says the FBI continues to investigate the disappearance.