9 Dec 2011

Focus on abuse of taxi drivers at PNG human rights film festival

2:08 pm on 9 December 2011

A freelance web designer and photographer is hoping Papua New Guinea's second annual Human Rights Film Festival will raise awareness of police abuse of taxi drivers.

The five day event being held at Moresby Arts Theatre in the capital will coincide with Human Rights Day celebrations on Saturday.

Part of Robert Weber's documentary Teksi is being screened with the aim of giving audiences a snapshot of how the police treat taxi drivers.

"I find a lot of them are talking about how the police when they pull them over they abuse their rights and then ask the taxi drivers, they pull them up for anything just to get money. And every taxi driver that I've recorded, they're very passionate about that and they want their voice heard now because it's just not right that they're getting abused by the police in that sense. They're just over-using their power. It's extortion almost to get money out of the taxi drivers."

Robert Weber says taxi drivers in Port Moresby have been nicknamed ATMs, or automatic teller machines, by officers who demand money from them.