12 Dec 2011

Dengue threat dissipating in the Marshall Islands

2:37 pm on 12 December 2011

A dengue fever outbreak in the Marshall Islands is tapering off after seven weeks.

The Ministry of Health reported only 13 new cases last week - the least since the outbreak started in mid-October, and well below the 44 new cases confirmed the previous week.

A total of 506 dengue cases have been confirmed in the Marshall Islands since mid-October, with only 18 of those outside of Majuro on four different islands.

Our correspondent, Giff Johnson, says action by several government agencies has reduced the dengue-spreading mosquito population.

"The ministry of health has taken a very proactive role in screening people getting on boats, going to outer islands, and they've actually pulled people off boats who have fevers to go and get tested at the hospital. So the government has done pretty much everything it can to minimise the threat."

Giff Johnson reporting from Majuro.