14 Dec 2011

Fiji health inspectors work to solve hygiene problems in typhoid-affected village

2:50 pm on 14 December 2011

Fiji health inspectors are investigating the water supply system in the village of Nanoko, following a suspected outbreak of typhoid.

The Ministry of Health spokesperson, Peni Namotu, says ten new suspected cases of the disease were reported last week in Nanoko and settlements surrounding the village.

A Public Health Emergency was put in place in Nanoko on Monday, banning all mass gatherings and restricting the movement of villagers to other areas for 30 days.

Mr Namotu says health inspectors are trying to solve the village's sanitation problems.

"We've been working together with the Water Authority and also the provincial office in identifying priority areas that have to be addressed. But first of all we are focusing more on hygiene."

Mr Namotu says as of October this year, there have been 39 reported cases of typhoid in Fiji.

About ten are suspected cases, and the remainder have tested positive for the disease.