16 Dec 2011

Continued Fiji emergency rule queried

5:27 pm on 16 December 2011

A former Human Rights Commissioner in Fiji is questioning why the interim government is not lifting its Public Emergency Regulations now, despite promising to do so.

The comments by Shamima Ali follow a review by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights which says the regime is yet to end attacks against journalists and critics despite a commitment made in Geneva last year.

She says it is of a great concern that the emergency regulations weren't lifted when the media decree was established.

"Actually that violates a lot of human rights. And recently we have seen what is happening to the workers with the essential services bill, which contradicts the employment relations bill and so on. The Australia and New Zealand trade unions not being allowed in to see what happens. There's no openness and transparency and so on."

Shamima Ali says human rights activists have been working to encourage the interim government to lift the PER.