20 Dec 2011

Somare says O'Neill team desecrates PNG constitution

2:43 pm on 20 December 2011

Sir Michael Somare, who leads one of the two factions purporting to be the government of Papua New Guinea, says the intimidation used by the rival Peter O'Neill group leaves his group speechless.

He says the way they've persuaded the public service to ignore a Supreme Court ruling is breathtaking.

In an open letter calling on the people to go about their normal business while the politicians resolve the mess, Sir Michael says the demand he resign from parliament is an insult.

He says his minority government does not want to see PNG being led by MPs that use sheer numbers to hijack processes in parliament and trample all over the constitution.

Sir Michael says the significance of the desecration of the constitution over the past couple of days is far reaching.

He says the string of constitutional violations committed by the O'Neill group, and their use of numbers on the floor of parliament show what their approach to governance will be in the future.