6 Jan 2012

TI Vanuatu seeks information about ambassadorial incentives

5:49 pm on 6 January 2012

Transparency International Vanuatu says the public should be told which Vanuatu ambassadors are entitled to a percentage of the aid they can secure from the country they are posted to.

The anti-corruption group has raised the issue after it was reported that the roving ambassador to Russia gets a 15 percent cut of any funds he can secure from Moscow on behalf of the government.

Transparency International has described the move as a legalised corruption incentive.

The foreign ministry in Port Vila could not be reached for comment.

Transparency International also says citizens have a right to know how the country is governed and how public funds are being used.

It says recent changes allowing for the sale of passports shows the country's sovereignty now has a for sale sign slapped on it.