9 Jan 2012

CNMI to sue US over unemployed foreigners

7:03 pm on 9 January 2012

The Northern Marianas is set to file a lawsuit against the US Department of Homeland Security over the federal agency's decision to allow thousands of unemployed foreigners to remain in the CNMI under a claim of parole power.

The attorney general Edward Buckingham recommended to the Governor Benigno Fitial to file the lawsuit because of the calls the irreparable injury to the CNMI created by allowing jobless foreigners to stay.

Mr Buckingham says these people pose an economic burden and delay the start of the CNMI's recovery from the current economic depression.

He adds that days, months and years have been lost in the islands' economic recovery because of the presence of the unemployed foreigners.

The lawsuit, which is set to be filed this week, names as respondents the Department, its Secretary Janet Napolitano and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services director, Alejandro Mayorkas.