11 Jan 2012

Questions over American Samoa Government's payments to hospital

7:55 am on 11 January 2012

American Samoa's Senate President has taken the governor to task over the government' failure to pay mandated subsidies to the LBJ Hospital.

Speaking at the opening of the new Fono session yesterday, Gaoteote Palaie asked why the government had excess revenue of US$1.6 million at the end of Fiscal Year 2011, but hadn't paid funds already appropriated for the hospital

He also questioned why the administration has spent excess revenue from the last fiscal year without the Fono's approval.

He says the hospital authority's board says the government is short in paying the 2.8 million subsidy for the hospital.

Some staff at the LBJ hospital are facing job cuts if the hospital doesn't get any funds by the end of the week.