18 Jan 2012

2013 deadline for transfer of RAMSI development work

4:30 pm on 18 January 2012

RAMSI's Special Co-ordinator says it is aiming to transfer its development assistance programmes to Solomon Islands donor partners by mid-2013.

Nicholas Coppel says although no timeline was ever developed for RAMSI, which was brought in to deal with a collapse of law and order eight years ago, the design of such a mission is short term.

He says funding arrangements mean RAMSI can't enter into longterm development assistance contracts - but donor agencies can.

"So long as there's a strong RAMSI presence with military and with police and other programmes it still leaves an impression I think that there is a country in crisis. Moving to a more normal - to regularising our aid programme - helps change that mindset."

Nicholas Coppel says everyone accepts that Solomon Islands will need international donor assistance for decades.