23 Jan 2012

Ex-combatants warn against another change in Solomons' Government

4:09 pm on 23 January 2012

A group of former members of a militia group established during the ethnic tensions in the Solomon Islands in the late 1990s, has warned against another change of government.

Six former Malaita Eagle Force members turned up at the Solomon Star Newspaper late last Thursday night.

The chief reporter, Ednal Palmer, says they had heard rumors about plans to demolish the government coalition and unseat the Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo.

Mr Palmer says they are tired of the constant changes in government and urged Malaitan MPs to stick with the government.

"They say that they will be watching this, if it happens to be another problem in politics, like the changing of a government, then they will do something. They didn't specify what they are going to do but they say that they will take things in their hands."

Ednal Palmer says most people in the Solomons feel the same way, that the government should be allowed to complete its term.