26 Jan 2012

Solomons opposition accuses government of beefing up budget figures for 2012

2:02 pm on 26 January 2012

The Solomon Islands opposition leader has accused the government of exaggerating the 300,000 US dollar surplus figure forecast for 2012.

Derek Sikua responded to last week's finance Minister's budget announcements, questioning how the government will implement its budget.

Our correspondent in Honiara, Dorothy Wickham, explains Mr Sikua's main objections to the budget forecast.

"He's saying the government beefed up the figures and he said the budget as it stands does not take into account the real obstacles, and is just another budget and not anything like what the Minister described in his speech. He says the fundamental systems and the procedural deficiencies are not being addressed in the actual budget - like real Public Service Reform, better ways of doing business with the private sector and also its relationship with donor partners."

Dorothy Wickham says the opposition makes a point that if the systems are not sorted then no matter how high the surplus, problems are bound to occur.