27 Jan 2012

Water restored to much of flood-hit Fiji

9:50 am on 27 January 2012

The acting director of the Red Cross, Christopher Ho, says clean water has been returned to 90 percent of the flood affected areas in Fiji.

Mr Ho says it could take several weeks to determine the extent of the damage in the flood ravaged country, and the Red Cross has major concerns about access to clean water and the potential spread of disease.

Parts of Nadi, Ba and and Raki Raki were declared natural disaster zones.

However, Mr Ho says some of those fears have been allayed.

"The concerns about access to clean water are only in isolated areas at this particular point in time. We've had some damage to some of the water infrastructure, but at this point in time, those fears about access to clean water is somewhat allieviated as we have about 90 percent of the water into those areas restored."

Christopher Ho says there are still a few instances of communities being completely cut off from clean water.