3 Feb 2012

Samoa private hospital collapsed due to patient debts

6:52 am on 3 February 2012

A director of the privately run hospital in Samoa being purchased by the government went broke because too many patients didn't pay their dues.

The total cost of the sale is not known at this stage and the matter is being handled by a government taskforce.

The government eventually hopes to be able to treat patients with complex conditions at Medcen Hospital, instead of having to send them overseas, like to New Zealand.

Our correspondent in Apia, Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, says Medcen's downfall was providing costly treatments for little or no payment.


It was another hardship being faced by the management and administration trying to collect all these debts. But you know it was clear from one of the directors, Dr John Adams, saying that their job is when people come in they treat them, because it's a matter of giving them [firstly the] service they can provide for their health. 19

Medcen was established in 1998 by two Samoan doctors who saw the need for a well equipped private healthcare facility in Samoa.