6 Feb 2012

American Samoa braces for big hospital fee hike

4:37 am on 6 February 2012

The chairman of the LBJ Hospital Hospital Authority Board in American Samoa says a planned rate increase will go ahead tomorrow as announced.

Moananu Va told KHJ News that even though the Fono has approved bills to help the hospital, there's no guarantee that there's money to cover the bills.

Moananu pointed to comments made by Treasurer Magalei Logovii to the House of Representatives that a 1.6 million US dollar surplus for the government for Fiscal Year 2011 which is being allocated for the hospital was just figures and there's no money in the bank.

He also observed that the House and Senate differed on some of the funding measures.

The House passed a resolution last week calling on the hospital board to delay or cancel the rate increase.