15 Feb 2012

Tonga capital suffers flood damage

2:35 pm on 15 February 2012

A resident of Tonga's capital, Nukualofa, says many homes have suffered extensive flooding as a result of Cyclone Jasmine.

Publisher Kalafi Moala says it appears inadequate drainage was put in with some new roads, which has resulted in the rain water running off from the road straight onto many properties, flooding low-level homes.

Mr Moala says he feels very fortunate that his house was built higher up off the ground.

"This is the worst flooding I've ever seen here where I live which is in the Western part of the town. Most homes there are flooded, including my property. You have to go in about knee high water to go into the house."

Kalafi Moala says communication is still difficult, with many phone lines down as a result of yesterday's gale force winds, and residents trying to cope with a power outage.