15 Feb 2012

Council head asks patience of Fiji's flood-hit Ba residents

4:14 pm on 15 February 2012

The acting chief executive of the town council of Ba is asking residents without services to be patient, following last month's severe flooding in Fiji's Western Division.

Farms in Ba province were very badly-hit and Arun Prasad says the flooding has cost the town itself more than one million US dollars in damage to infrastructure and up to four million in lost goods.

He says power has been restored to up to 90 percent of residents and water to 70 percent but getting everything back to normal will take at least a month.

"There are people very badly affected around Ba, especially some of the villages and some of the evacuation centres where people were and some of the schools which were affected still not being cleaned, so that is all step-by-step."

Arun Prasad says a railbridge over the Ba River has been fixed up for use by light vehicles and pedestrians while the main road bridge, which was washed away, is rebuilt.