23 Feb 2012

Pacific to benefit from NZ foreign ministry restructure

4:07 pm on 23 February 2012

The Chief Executive Officer of New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade says a boost to flexibility from planned restructuring will benefit links with the Pacific region.

John Allen says proposed changes to the Ministry include the likely loss of 305 jobs, better use of technology and less workforce rotation, saving 20 million US dollars per year.

He says links with the Pacific are a priority and these will be strengthened by the changes.

He says the NZ aid programme and development projects in the region will not be affected by the restructuring.

"The sorts of shifts we're talking about will support our continued presence in the Pacific. In terms specifically of the development assistance capability, the development group have not been part of this specific change programme."

John Allen says the non-resident ambassador to Tuvalu being based in Wellington is a good example of how representation can be deepened in new ways.