27 Feb 2012

Samoa nonu association has positive news for farmers stuck with unsold fruit

7:11 pm on 27 February 2012

The nonu association in Samoa is calling on farmers not to waste a surplus of the fruit.

The association says there is an over-supply of nonu fruit as the company, Pure Pasifika, which encouraged an expansion in production, stopped buying large volumes from the end of last year.

The President of the Nonu Association Garry Vui says his company, Nonu Samoa Enterprises Limited, can sell the extra fruit as sun-dried chips.

"We have ordered up to 20,000 pounds from my company per month for the next six months so let's advise the public out there not to get angry, that there is a positive. Use the fruit that you're not using, chop it up and dry it in the sun, and then we'll buy the chips off you."

Garry Vui says Pure Pasifika has not explained why it ceased purchasing nonu but it has expressed confidence it will start buying again this year.