1 Mar 2012

RAMSI publicly endorses rearming of Solomons police

2:34 pm on 1 March 2012

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, or RAMSI, has given public backing to the move by the government to re-arm the police.

It was announced last month that part of the Royal Solomon Islands Police force would be equipped with weapons of non-lethal force.

Speaking at this week's launch of the 2011 People's survey on RAMSI, the acting special co-ordinator, Justine Braithwaite, called the move timely.

She says it will ease some of the frustrations police experience when trying to do a difficult and dangerous job without adequate equipment.

Ms Braithwaite says it complements the work that RAMSI is doing with the police to improve public order management.

"And I think this is actually a really good example of how transition can work. Of how RAMSI and the government can complement each other's efforts and use the progress made thus far as the foundation for building a more stable and a more secure future."

RAMSI's Justine Braithwaite.

Non-lethal weapons include rubber bullets and pepper sprays.