1 Mar 2012

New guidelines drawn up for Samoa surfers

3:39 pm on 1 March 2012

The head of Samoa's Surfriders Association says a large increase in visiting surfers has prompted it to draw up new safety guidelines.

Keith Martin says a recent spat over exclusive use of some beaches has been resolved, and people are free to continue to surf anywhere in Samoa.

But he says basic commonsense is needed in the water and most surfers know to look for another break if there are more than ten or 15 people in one area.

He says he hopes the government and tourism regulators will endorse the association's suggestions so pamphlets can be handed to surfers at the airport.

"The safety issue is a priority because if the surf's big and you've got a lot of surfers out there then it obviously makes the situation more dangerous. You know us as resort owners and with surf guys working for us, that's probably part of our role too, is to make sure that nobody's in out of their depth, you know if in doubt don't go out."

Keith Martin says he hopes the growing number of travelling surfers will adopt the attitude of having a happy holiday and not be aggressive.