1 Mar 2012

Bagan fishing launched in Marshalls

4:21 pm on 1 March 2012

A new type of fishing, known as bagan, is being tested in the Marshall Islands to encourage people to focus on small fish for food.

This involves floating platforms using lights to attract small fish and are common in Indonesia

Hugh Walton of the Forum Fisheries Agency says bagan fishing rafts have been very successful in first catching bait and now fish.

"The bagan concept actually initiated with looking at the bait fish for the pole and line fisheries and SPC took it up on the food side. And they're really only doing the first fishing trials last week so it's probably too early to say."

Hugh Walton says the Secretariat of the Pacific Community together with the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority and the FFA are pooling resources to pay for and operate the bagan and he hopes more will be used in PNG later this year.