8 Mar 2012

Palau's president challenged over US Uighur funds

5:52 pm on 8 March 2012

A senator behind a lawsuit alleging Palau's President wrongly took charge of half million dollars from the US goverment is hoping the courts can determine what happened to the money.

The funds were reportedly given to Palau to resettle Uighurs previously imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.

Five senators who have jointly filed the case, claim Johnson Toribiong bypassed Palau's procurement and ethics laws.

Senator Tommy Remengesau Junior says only half the funds have been accounted for.

"We do know that in the initial stage there were amounts issued like 26,000 to Toribiong Enterprises, there was 63,000 issue for the wife of the brother of the Senator, and there was another 63,000 paid for advanced three year payment, so-called rent payment."

Tommy Remengesau Junior says a second lawsuit has been filed by the same group, claiming the President exceeded budget allocations.