12 Mar 2012

Transparency International in PNG stunned by misleading advertising by Speaker

7:48 pm on 12 March 2012

Transparency International Papua New Guinea says it is seriously wrong for MPs to thinking about delaying the June elections.

This follows a newspaper advertisement in which the Speaker of Parliament, Jeffrey Nape, claimed that MPs had the power to delay the poll.

The issue of postponing the election has been floated by a number of MPs in recent weeks, with claims the Electoral Commission is not ready.

But Transparency says this is an abuse of power.

The watchdog group says with his advertisements Mr Nape is misleading the public with incorrect interpretations of the constitution.

TI's Lawrence Stephens says the constitution is clear that Parliament is accountable to the people at intervals of no more than five years.

He says office holders like Mr Nape must be fully and truthfully advised on the constitution.