16 Mar 2012

Two confirmed cases of typhoid in Tonga

9:51 am on 16 March 2012

There are two confirmed cases of typhoid in Tongatapu: the first cases of the year.

Experts say that typhoid will continue to be present in the Kingdom unless carriers of the virus, who appear healthy, are identified and treated.

Radio Tonga reports a teenage boy and a five-year old child from Tatakamotonga are in Vaiola hospital getting specialist treatment for typhoid.

They both live in Tatakamotonga, and had to go to hospital with a fever.

Dr. Malakai 'Ake of Vaiola Hospital says it is likely that the patients contracted the virus because of poor hygiene.

The two current typhoid cases lead doctors to believe that there are still people in Tongatapu who are carrying the virus, but are healthy and don't appear infectious.

The Ministry of Health has banned communal feasting.

They will also test the family and friends of the two patients.