19 Mar 2012

Task force launched to improve integrity and stability in Solomon Islands government

7:13 pm on 19 March 2012

The Solomon Islands government says conflict of interest and the use of position for personal gain are two important issues the country's leaders must tackle.

The Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has re-launched a Cabinet task force looking into ways of improving political integrity and stability in the political system, a project which the former government began last year.

The Director of Governance Andrew Muaki says there are at least two issues of concern the government will focus on addressing.

"Things like conflict of interest issues, use of position for personal gain. Now I'm not saying our leaders are guilty of that but those are the issues that we perceive to have been with us since independence and those are the things we'd like to address."

Andrew Muaki says the initiative is a long term project which will involve public consultations.